Research : MAMS
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Cloning and expression of proteins from blood coagulation as a model for the development of a micro-array/mass spectrometry (MAMS) for functional proteom analysis

Osman El-Maarri, Judith Schwalbach (Bonn)

The MAMS project is funded by the BMBF-PTJ Jülich and coordinated by Daniel Hoffmann from the Center of Advanced European Research Studies (CAESAR, Bonn). MAMS represents a new system for the quantitative and qualitative two step analysis of protein-protein interactions. In the first step aptamers (specific binding nucleic acids) will be placed on a micro sensor. In the second step the protein complexes that bound to the aptamer will be characterised by mass spectrometry. Proteins of blood coagulation represent an ideal model for the evaluation of MAMS, because they form a complex network of known as well as still unknown protein protein interactions, that can be analysed by MAMS. For this purpose vector constructs for the expression of varies proteins will be established. Expressed proteins will be purified and subjected to high throughput aptamer selection which then will become part of the micro sensor of the MAMS system.